I ADORE breastfeeding! Probably my one of my very favorite things to do.  I am consistently surprised by the amount of people who claim to have a lack in milk supply.  When I delivered my first baby, 16 1/2 years ago, I had many friends who were breastfeeding. I honestly do not remember having regular discussion with friends who struggled with milk supply. Nor did I ever feel even concerned that I wouldn’t have enough breast milk.  Quite the opposite! All I knew is that’s what breasts were for after you deliver……To feed your baby and produce milk.  But NOW…….I have clients who quite often complain of lack of milk production OR even better have a HUGE fear that they won’t have enough.

I have 2 theories on why breast milk production can be low.  Of course, you have the usual issues of poor latch on or weak suck or all of the other many reasons for low milk supply. But…..I have my own opinions and beliefs as to why women struggle with milk supply. Not that the other reasons aren’t valid as well but I think just considering my opinions might help a women who can’t seem to get produce enough milk.

First theory……That the nutrition of the mother inherently effects milk supply.  We currently live in a world where we are undernourished and over fed.  Obesity is at an all time high.  Even though we may look at a women who is overweight and believe that she should be able to build volumes of breast milk,  studies have shown that obesity can be a factor for low milk supply.  Read more about it below.

I believe this is a perfect example of where a women is undernourished but over fed.  It’s the actual NUTRITION that the mother is ingesting that can help build breast milk.  The proper diet and nutrition can stimulate the needed hormones for milk supply.  Without the building blocks of a healthy body, I do think it can greatly effect the hormonal balance which then proceeds to effect milk production.
Though I’ve searched the web on any info about a link between nutrition and milk production, I only have to use logical reasoning to conclude that what we put into our mouths will decide whether we produce enough breast milk or don’t. You need an extra 300 to 500 calories while breastfeeding and the healthier and nutrient rich those calories are…..the healthier for you and the healthier for baby.
Second theory……We pass a belief through the energy of fear from one women to the next stimulating the idea that their bodies cannot produce enough breast milk.  I know that sounds weird but I can’t be bothered by that.  I think potentially ALL women have a mild to extreme fear of not creating good amounts of breast milk. As I see it, all that has happened in the last 20 years is the fear of one women growing and growing and then discussing her fear with her friend, who already has a fear herself about it, and then she goes on to worry and become fearful that she herself will not produce enough milk either.
I believe that the more fear we create and stimulate over one particular thing……the more likely we are to create that VERY thing we are afraid of.  This is actually what is taking place with low milk supply. We are merely passing a fear that creates a thought pattern that stimulates a physical response.  I know this is hard to believe but go ahead and read what Bruce Lipton has to say on the matter or even read the book….“Molecules of Emotion”.…..Both excellent resources to understand more of what I’m talking about.
Below is an interesting article on fear and how we feed it and make it bigger than it actually is.  It discusses the exact idea I’m talking about.
I feel it’s important that we really consider the power of thought when it comes to milk supply.  I think it’s even MORE important that we take responsibility for our own health by only consuming foods that are ideal nutrition for you and your baby.  I think it’s of the utmost importance that we STOP telling our fearful, awful stories about milk supply or even breast feeding in general and strive to stay positive and open to whatever could be causing the issues of low milk supply.
Lastly, because I do believe that low breast milk supply does happen……below is an great article about how you still provide what you need for baby while still breast feeding.  And…..a chart to give you an idea what could be potentially going on.
In peace,