LivingMom Childbirth Education Courses

“Giving birth is so much more than a physical phenomenon-it engages parents-to-be in a transformational experience, a key life even full of emotion and meaning.” ~DONA website

These classes are a 4 part (8 class) series take a holistic approach to childbirth education. In these courses, I will be addressing the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting. Whether your planning to deliver in a hospital, birth center or at home, COME and LEARN how and why you can create the birth experience you’ve always wanted.

Be Empoweredas a Womenand Mother


Primal Pregnancy

Learn: What is the BEST diet FOR YOU during pregnancy and how to start implementing healthier eating habits? What effects poor dietary habits have on your health/energy levels and vitality during pregnancy? What effects poor dietary habits have long term on your unborn baby? How your diet effects your babies brain to help proper growth patterns? Learn how to make green smoothies, my DELICIOUS Red Raspberry Tea, & AMAZING kale chips and realize the INCREDIBLE benefits for you and your unborn baby!

Conscious Creation

Learn: How can you create the pregnancy/birth experience you’ve always wanted. How your infant is created and formed in all aspects. What is limbic imprinting and how it FOREVER effects the emotional, physical and psychological health of your unborn child? What is the significance of the father’s role in the pregnancy / birth / postpartum environment? What are the effects of the mother’s emotional / psychological self on her baby in utero? The importance of understanding birth trauma and how it can have a negative effect on your birth experience.

Blissful Birth

Learn: How to take responsibility for your pregnancy and birth experience. How to EMPOWER yourself to believe in YOU and the natural process of pregnancy/birth. How your imprinting from your birth experience with affect the birthing experience of YOUR child. What an orgasmic birth is and how to create a pain free birth. How to become enlightened by learning the myths vs facts surrounding birth so as to fully understand all your options….

Peaceful Parenting

Learn: The importance of deep connection and bonding IMMEDIATELY after birth. How to create the environment that stimulates that deep connection and bonding for your family as a whole. What delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, Kangaroo care, Attachment parenting and Non Violent Communication can do for the healthy physical and emotional growth of your newborn.

What To Expect

These classes are a gathering of my 16 years of experience, education and understanding in the birth world. I will be starting a new series, Thursday, April 18th, 2012 at 7:00 pm. I have put together an 6 class series. It is $200 for the series.

You will leave the classes with a wealth of knowledge, along with a LARGE binder full of statistical/educational information relating to wide variety of subjects during the childbearing years. It doesn’t matter if this is for 1st pregnancy or your 9th, you will glean NEW wisdom and gain insights you’ve never learned before.

My hope for all who attend is that you leave the classes feeling EMPOWERED, INFORMED and at PEACE so that you can make future choices that benefit you, your spouse & your growing family. Also, that you always remember that as a woman you OWN the wisdom INSIDE YOU that you can create your BLISSFUL birth. 🙂

Below is my bio, telling a little about me & my education, along with testimonials from a couple of my students. Along with a video testimonial……take a gander below.

Lastly, if you are interested in the classes but can’t do the above date & time, don’t hesitate to contact me. I want to work with those who’d like to participate. I am open to creating new dates/times and/or holding private classes.

Please RSVP ASAP if you are interested in attending the classes. They can fill up rather quickly. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Email me at

you leave theclasses feelingEMPOWERED,INFORMED andat PEACE

Why Childbirth Education

My interest in birth really did start as a small child. I still remember the naps I would take with my mother where she recounted my personal birth story over and over to me. My passion for all things birth really grew 16 years ago when I became pregnant with my first son. In 1999, I attended the DONA conference in Kansas City, Kansas and went on to then practice as a doula. I spent the next 6 years attending births of family and friends, while delivering 2 more children of my own, also, reading, studying and taking classes on all things related to conception, pregnancy, and birth.

In Jan. of 2005, I began my apprenticeship as a midwife. I have been practicing as a homebirth midwife since 2008. I keep my education up and current by attending as many birth classes and conferences as possible and reading newly published pregnancy and birth related information regularly! In January 2008, I attended a 2 week apprenticeship birth shop with Elena Tonetti ( am a certified member of the Sentient Circle.

Along with being a midwife, I am also an herbal practitioner, a raw foods educator and emotional healing facilitator. I have received training in many healing modalities. In 2000, I became certified as a Nutritional Herbologist and soon thereafter began teaching classes on nutrition where I taught such subjects as whole foods, raw foods, vegetarianism, veganism, cleansing, supplementation and overall physical and emotional health and well being.

I have since spent the last 16 years researching and educating myself in many matters relating to all forms of alternative therapies. I have worked with many people to help them facilitate their own personal healing and wholeness. Eight years ago, I was introduced to Native American healing & spirituality . In 2007, I studied with James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney who, soon thereafter, gifted me as a water pourer and medicine women. In 2009, I spent 18 months studying with & have been gifted as a pipe carrier by Richard “He Who Has the Foundations” Swallow, Spiritual Leader of the Eagle Clan of the Lakota Sioux.


Rachel Davis

“I took the Living Mom Childbirth classes when I pregnant with my first child. The decision to take these classes has helped me in a world of ways that have aided me to make informed decisions on behalf of myself and baby that I would have otherwise never even known I was uninformed about. Pregnancy, nutrition, childbirth, parenthood, hospital protocol, my rights and options in the hospital are just a few things encompassed in these classes.

Had I not known so many of the extremely important information provided, I very well could have blindly left my birth in the hands of others and thus had a very different out come than the beautiful birth I had. I looked into taking other classes as well but no other classes seemed to have the whole package as far as everything I needed to know. I’m truly grateful for midwife/childbirth educator Rachel Talley and her beautiful ability to share this critical information in such a engaging and empowering way. I would highly recommend everyone take this class regardless of how many children they may have, it will open your eyes to a world of possibilities regarding birth.”

DeLynn Beagley

“My first child was born in the hospital and I was not prepared nor informed myself at all for that birth. I was surprised and disappointed when I didn’t have the experience I was looking for. I had an idea of what I wanted and didn’t realize how hard it would be to get what I wanted. LivingMom classes taught me all levels of what to expect whether I chose a hospital or homebirth environment. It taught me what to expect from pregnancy to birth and life thereafter.

I truly enjoyed all aspects of the class but my favorite was learning how connected I could be to my unborn child spiritually and emotionally and how that could carry over into our relationship after birth. LivingMom classes opened my eyes to how empowering it is to be informed and make decisions about what I want from a space of understanding and not out of fear. I believe that if we are not informed of all aspects of birth, we may never know all the possibilities that are available to us. I am so grateful for these classes and all the work and love that has gone into them.”

Olya Hill

“My husband and I took Living Mom Childbirth Course during my FOURTH pregnancy , and we were AMAZED at the wealth of information and HELP that we received. The course covers four different areas with completely unique and very useful approaches. I wish I’ve been exposed to this kind of information during my first pregnancy, it would make our life so much easier and more rich and fulfilled, I feel that this course is particularly beneficial for those that want a hospital birth – the course covers a wide range of information that all mothers birthing in the hospital are expected to know ( one signs it before one is admitted) , but no one ever does. This course is double beneficial for those planning a hospital birth, but wanting a more natural approach. Rachel has all the resources to help one achieve that.

Rachel herself is a gold mine of information. No question is left unanswered , and all are presented with the latest research supporting every word. The book alone that comes with the course, is worth more then we paid for the classes.

I think this prenatal course is very beneficial particularly for fathers or fathers-to-be. My husband was able to not only learn and understand things that are always neglected in the traditional mentality approach, but has completely changed his views on fatherhood and has become a very supportive partner in our marriage and family.

The nutrition part that is presented in the course is a must have for all – pregnant or not. Information that Rachel presents is a very rich collection of some of the best sources available. It is very much needed in current society.

I personally feel that this course has enriched my pregnancy and improved my parenting and most definitely helped me to achieve the birth I wanted. I recommend Rachel’s classes to everyone – parent, planning or expecting. This is the best investment into your and your child’s health and happiness that you can do.

There is nothing like Living Mom Childbirth Course”