I can’t thank you enough for what your services have done for me… I have been able to enjoy my baby and I feel amazing compared to when I had my daughter.
– Text from Katie Kent

This has been the BEST postpartum I have ever experienced emotionally. I haven’t felt crazy and out of control anywhere near as much. The sun set was hard for a few weeks. But as the babies started to sleep better that improved. ANYWAY! I haven’t been this stable post baby, ever!
– Anna, Mother of Twins in Utah

2 wk post baby bump: love being a mom to two kids, I’ve lost 21 lbs, my Robbie has gained 1 lb… The wonderful list goes on and on… biggest and most amazing gift I gave myself was my placenta pills! If your giving birth consider doing this for yourself…. http://shop.livingmombirth.com/ My friend Rachel is amazing and wonderful at #placentaencapsulations!
– Sarai Hess (Posted on Facebook)

I looked into getting my placenta encapsulated because anxiety and postpartum runs in my family pretty heavily. I am so glad I went with Rachel. I knew I could relax and know that she would handle my placenta with care and love. I received my placenta capsules within 48 hours after I gave birth which was great because I could feel my hormones shifting on the second day.

I love that Rachel adds herbs to the placenta because the amount of capsules last longer and I get the added healing benefits of the herbs. I received a large bottle and was able to take the capsules for almost two months. I still have a few left over that I kept for some of my harder days when I needed an emotional pick me up.

I am happy to say that i never got any postpartum symptoms or even the slightest baby blues and my milk came in great at 4 days postpartum. I am still nursing my baby exclusively at four months and I am over all happy and loving being a new mommy. I definitely feel that taking my placenta played a major role in that. Being a first time mommy is hard enough without dealing with baby blues or depression. I wanted to make sure I could enjoy every single moment of my postpartum time with my new baby and that is exactly what I did. I will definitely have my placentas encapsulated by Rachel with future births.
– Katrina Green, mother of a beautiful healthy baby girl