A beautiful, empowering, naturalbirth is waiting for you

With the right birth assistance and training, focusing on your physical and emotional well being, your natural birth will set the proper stage for a life long bonding relationship.  Let LivingMom’s experienced and trained professionals help you create the birth experience that will h form the lifelong basis for an emotionally  bonded and caring experience between you, your child and your family.

All 5 of my children have been born at home. Three of them were water births (which I absolutely loved)! My last daughter I delivered on my own with my husband and children supporting and watching. Each of my births was unique. I saw my own strength, my courage, my power and ability to do and be whatever I feel inspired to do and be grow . Let us at LivingMom Birth show you how to have an empowering birth.

When we choose to not be governed by fear, glorious and amazing things take place…not just in the birth process but in all of life! In birth, we feel the intensity of love and connection above and beyond any other sensations and deeper than at any other time. Granted, birth may go  exactly how we planned but by increasing our understanding , we can accept and feel in  control with whatever takes place. My wish for all woman is that they will understand the power within themselves to feel this JOY through preparation to have the beautiful birth experience they have always wanted. Dedicated preparation is the key for the ideal birth experience!

Expansive andTransformative,Birth envelopesus and opensdoors we neverknew existed.

Birth is a Natural Process

Birth is a normal, natural, physiological process and NOT a medical condition nor a medical phenomenon. With a healthy and happy mom and baby,  birth is inherently safe and natural.  A woman’s physical body is  perfectly built to create, grow, build and then release another human life.  When we work with this natural process great things come to pass.

A woman intuitively knows and is gifted with the ability to birth her baby in peace and love. We believe in the empowerment of woman, that through their own productive forces they can create the pregnancy and birth they  desire. We believe when a woman is taking full  responsibility for her pregnancy and birth, she  creates an opportunity for physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual growth than any other time in her life.

LivingMom Midwifery ishere to support andhelp mom prepare.

Michel Odent on Child Birth

Watch below as Michel Odent discusses the benefits of keeping the gentle birth process by lessening stimulation to the neocortex. Helping a women feel safe, comfortable and at peace opens the space for her to move into her limbic brain and birth with grace and ease.