Since I’ve already been on the subject of epigenetics so much lately, I thought I’d stay in that vein and post more.  Just wrote an article about it a week or so ago.  You can read it below.

Can You Change Old Negative Belief Patterns to Help Your Baby Change The World?

After you read that article, you should have a better idea of epigenetics and how they work.  Or to learn more… the article below I posted a bit back.
It’s exciting to think that now we see the long term effects of imprinting and epigenetics in the world of cesarean sections.  I work with people to help facilitate emotional healing.  I have found there are dozens of emotional triggers and traumas surrounding their birth experience because of being born by c-section, than just working with a client with “normal” birth trauma.
From my experience, one common psychological trigger that adults born c-section have is a need to control their world beyond a balanced way.  They tend to feel out of control regularly and often wonder why since they can’t see a logical, foreseeable reason why they would feel that way.
Read the article below to learn more about how c-section are effecting life long emotional and physical health.
“Despite the increase in surgical intervention at birth, we don’t know the effect on the baby, writes Hannah Dahlen

The increasing use of obstetric interventions during birth could be having an impact on children's health. Photo / Supplied
The increasing use of obstetric interventions during birth could be having an impact on children’s health. Photo / Supplied
Despite efforts to reduce intervention rates during labour, vaginal births without medical intervention are becoming increasingly rare in Australia and overseas: nearly one in four births in New Zealand are by caesarean…”
To learn and understand more about how you can heal from trauma from you birth experience, read my EMOTIONAL HEALING page.
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