I’ve written a few posts on the the benefits of breastfeeding and the many problems of infant formula on the human system.  The notion that formula, in any way, compares to breast milk is like comparing wheatgrass to a juice from concentrate with sugar added for sweetness.  Yes, they both have nutrients the body needs and yes, they will supply the body with those nutrients…….but the wheatgrass is ALIVE and full of enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

The juice on the other hand has been pasteurized, which means many, if not most, of the nutrients have been killed or devitalized in some way which makes it a completely dead food. When we eat foods that are dead, our body has to withdraw vital nutrients from the bones and tissues to make it a food that the body can even digest. The body does not even have the ability to digest those foods with pulling from stores from your system.  Plus, sugar has been added to make it sweeter…..and honestly, if you don’t already know that sugar isn’t HORRIBLE for you…..then PLEASE go do some research.

Truthfully, I am SHOCKED that people think they can compare breast milk to formula.  They are NOT one in the same or even close to the same AT ALL!  Click on the links below to read some of the articles I’ve already written on formula vs. breast milk

Breastfeeding ROCKS! Here’s WHY!

“I find it interesting that the debate of the health values of breast milk are still in full force.  It seems to me that we now have enough current data that shows the increased benefits of breast milk in comparison to formula. And in my opinion, THERE IS NO COMPARISON!!”

Breastfeeding: MMMmmmm…DELCIOUS & GLORIOUS!

“I’m a HUGE proponent of breastfeeding.  It is, by far, one of my personal favorite things to do.  The bonding, connection and attachment that takes place between you and your little one when breastfeeding really is beyond description. “

Now we have another article which points out how infant formula is now mutating cell structure and is potentially causing SEVERE gastrointestinal issues in premature infants.  They are finding that premature infants aren’t the only culprits.  

“Microscopic image of cells shows the effects of breast milk vs. infant formula digestion. Cells are alive and healthy after the digestion of breast milk (top row) with only one cell having any deformation. In contrast, the cells in the bottom row all ruptured after being exposed to the digestion of infant formula. Image Credit: Alexander Penn, Department of Bioengineering, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. Blue tint added for visual clarity.”

Click on the link below to read more about it.  Comment below and let me know what you think. 

In Vitro Study Finds Digested Formula, But Not Breast Milk, is Toxic to Cells

“Overwhelmingly, the digestion of formula led to cellular death, or cytotoxicity – in less than 5 minutes in some cases – while breast milk did not. For example, digestion of formula caused death in 47 percent to 99 percent of neutrophils while only 6 percent of them died as a result of milk digestion.  The study found that breast milk appears to have a built-in mechanism to prevent cytotoxicity. The research team believes most food, like formula, releases high levels of free fatty acids during digestion, but that breast milk is digested in a slower, more controlled, process.”

Lastly, here is an article by an AMAZING doctor who promotes breast feeding over bottle feeding.  In the article below, he discusses by infant formula and bottle feeding can actually be harmful for your baby and why.  

“In susceptible families, early exposure to cow’s milk proteins can increase the risk of the infant or child developing insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. (IDDM) (Mayer et al, 1988; Karjalainen, et al, 1992)”

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