So I posted the liver cleanse video above on FB today….then received this question. Educate me, cuz I’m pretty ignorant bout this stuff. How does this help cleanse the liver? I kinda wanna try it…”~Natalie

Well, Natalie….here is your answer as I see it.  

How the liver keeps us healthy

  1. The liver is our main detoxification organ.  Its job is to help keep our blood clean and pure of chemicals, prescription drugs, alcohol, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics, and many other toxic materials in the air we breathe and water we drink. It does this by consistently filtering the blood and quickly pushing through these materials down into the colon for excretion.  Our liver is AMAZING in its job for cell regeneration and rejuvenation of the body as a whole.
  2. The liver produces bile which is then sent down into the gall bladder for storage until fat needs to be digested and metabolized.  Bile breaks down fat for easier absorption by the small intestine.
  3. The liver stores any extra glucose as glycogen for when glucose stores are depleted.  The liver then reconfigures the glycogen back into glucose when the body is in need of energy.
  4. Up to 80% of the body’s cholesterol is made in the liver.  It helps to maintain healthy, balanced cholesterol levels.  

This is only a small list of what the liver does for overall health and vitality.
The Native Americans teach that the skin and liver are brothers.  This means that when the liver is struggling  to keep the blood and internal body clean, it then proceeds to spill that toxicity onto the skin. Through regular liver cleansing, we then keep our skin looking young and radiant.  Aside from the video above for regular liver cleansing, bitter foods/greens stimulate the liver to liberate toxic build up on a daily basis which in return alleviates the liver to do its functions more effectively. 

What is a gall stone?
In the overly toxic society we live in, the liver can become compromised in its ability to keep up with the internal cleaning house as effectively as possible.  Because of this, over production of this toxicity can then produce liver or gall stones. Gall stones are created when the bile, cholesterol, or calcium carbonate crystallize to form hardened stones within the gall bladder. Gall stones are quite prevalent in our modern day society.  Over a million Americans each year are diagnosed with gall stones and 50% of these end up in surgery with either removal of the stone or full removal of the gall bladder.  Regular and consistent cleansing of the liver can help to release gall stones potentially before they become so large it is too difficult for removal to take place without medical intervention. 

How the lemon, olive oil and epsom salt works to cleanse the liver?
Lemon juice is high in malic acid which helps to soften and break down larger forming globules.  Epsom salts relaxes and dilates smooth muscles to open the ducts for easier passage of any stone or globule build up.  Olive oil then creates a slippery environment by coagulating the olive oil into a soap like substance for an easier and more comfortable expulsion of any hardened structures. 

I really enjoy the video above because it is an EXCELLENT first step to stimulate the liver for healing on a daily basis.  I’ve found that correlating bowel cleansing with liver cleansing is a great first step for overall digestive health and well being.  Following through with a bowel and kidney cleanse BEFORE a extended liver cleanse can be much safer for the digestive system as a whole. 

I hope this answers your question, Natalie.  Please feel free to email me with any other health, birth or emotional issue questions. And I will post an extended answer here on my blog.

In peace,