Can you tell I have been busy with a baby with how little I have posted? My goodness! Babyland is alot of work. I COMPLETELY forgot! It seems almost foreign to me, to a certain extent. I feel like a first time mom all over again. It is s bit different just because I have done it before and there is an aspect of it that is similar to riding a bike. Even if you haven’t done it in awhile you can just hop on and ride away.

So…..I don’t have the totally blank stare that you see on first time moms where you know there are feeling so lost with what to do. But….I do have the, oh my gosh, did I REALLY do this 4 times before, every 2 years, and not lose my mind? Or maybe I did and I just think I didn’t because every mother who has children loses her mind, so in reality we think we are normal but really aren’t?

Anyway, to say the least, life has been a bit overwhelming for me. Of course, more emotional issues have arisen. The first month seemed like the BIGGEST emotional roller coaster I have been on in awhile. Lots of unexpected twists and turns, up and downs. My poor husband and kids. I was laughing one minute while crying the next.

It was always FUN for me though to figure out what was going on, why I was feeling that way, and get honest. As you all know, I’m a bit weird that it is so exciting for me to delve into my own psyche and feelings and get as clear as possible. I feel renewed and refreshed when all is said and done. I can DEFINITELY see the difference of the release each time and my family has said they can too!

I was trying to decide if I should share how hard it’s been. I don’t want to complain or even add more to it than it really is. The interesting part of the situation is that even though I can look outside myself and see that it is challenging, I can also see that I am dealing with it so much better than I would have in the past. I have been grateful that this has been the case. I am even more grateful though that I can see it and be grateful for it.

Oh, I wanted to let everyone know (well those of you who read my blog) that I am starting up nutritional counseling, energy work and pipe ceremonies. I haven’t seen people for awhile just because of the craziness of our lives. But I have been feeling “called” again to actively help those who might want or need it. I can do phone consults too! So for those interested, please email Also, I have some exciting things in the works in regards to my website and maybe some AMAZING superfoods that will be available to all! Keep checking back to, hopefully soon, see the new and improved site along with some NEW and EXCITING stuff!

My diet has gotten much stricter over the last few weeks. Mabel showed up with thrush about 3 weeks ago. I believe that as sweet little babies do…..she has decided to help carry my resentment for me. I have prayed about this with her and held some good pipe ceremonies with my husband. It is now MUCH better than it originally was. I jumped onto my 80/10/10 diet which I tend to feel the BEST on. So my fat intake has been lower than it was when I was pregnant. Not much though. It is now almost gone. I eat fruit all day long with a raw veggie seaweed role for dinner. SO DELICIOUS!

So… 1 week after Mabel’s birth, I was back in my prepregnancy clothes. That was AMAZING to me! It has been such a blessing to not have to worry about trying to lose weight. I gained 60 lbs. in one of my pregnancies and I remember just feeling so saddened by the amount of weight I wanted and needed to lose. I was going to take pictures and post them but really you can just look at any other pictures on my site and that’s what I look like. I must add here that I absolutely cherish not wearing a bra. I know that is a totally random thought but I have worn one only a handful of times since she’s been born. SO LOVING IT!! I say all woman should go without bras. I don’t know if it’s true or not but, hands down, a man made up a bra…..not a woman.

All done for today. Love you all!! I will post again soon. Hopefully, sooner than this last time.

Peace to all,