My dear followers, (which are few but I LOVE you all)
I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting this week.  I come from a HUMONGOUS family with 17 brothers and sisters and many of them have come to stay in my home this week to celebrate a niece’s marriage.  I apologize for my lack of posts and will get back on track posting more often next week.

Also, I tend to stay away from my computer on the weekends and focus on family time so all the posts I make will be made during the week.  Thank you for reading what I share and taking the time to pass it along.  I LOVE the opportunity to support those who are looking to understand the importance of a women’s childbearing years and how to make the MOST out of them and enjoy every minute! 

Below is a video showing some of what took place at the “Human Rights in Childbirth” Conference in Hague.  There was a very BIG deal this year with so many changes striving to be implemented in the world of birth.

My FAVORITE part of the video is the support, love and empathy that is shown for our DEAR Hungarian midwife, Agnes Gereb, who has been prosecuted and charged with negligent malpractice.  And on February 2012, Agnes received a 2 year minimum prison security sentence without possibility of parole.


The first video below shows Agnes in her work as a midwife helping and embracing mothers in their most intimate and vulnerable moments.  How sad someone who strives so hard to make a difference in the lives of families has been torn apart and treated in such a poor and abusive manner.   But HOW WONDERFUL to have such POWERFUL, STRONG, and FIRM in her beliefs women as Agnes to show the way for the rest of us on how important it is to STAND UP for ourselves and our beliefs!  And that when we do stand up for what TRULY matters in our world, we make a difference for the WHOLE of humanity…. which what Agnes is doing for ALL of us.  She truly sacrificed so much to do what she has done for 1000’s of women.  What a GIFT!  I pray she is honored for that for the rest of her life. 


It is EXTREMELY unfortunate the struggle and pain Agnes has had to deal with ALL in the name of doing her job BEAUTIFULLY and aiding others in the birth creation they are longing for.  My heart breaks for Agnes and her circumstances and ask that ALL of us send prayers, love and even letters/emails her way so she can feel the support and compassion she needs to get through such an OVERWHELMING ordeal.

I will be back next week.  Hope everyone has an OUTSTANDING weekend!  I plan on it!

In Peace,