My family, loved ones and friends are wondering if I am as a cat with 9 lives. This will be the 4th time in the last 8 years I have side stepped death. On our drive home from our AMAZINGLY, LOVELY workshop (which I will type about at a later date when typing isn’t so difficult), about 80 miles east of Elko, we rolled our car, at least twice, and ended up wheels down on the opposite of the freeway. An ambulance came about 10 minutes later and drove us to Battle Mountain Hospital. Battle Mountain being named “the armpit of the nation” in an article my husband read after our accident.
We hit black ice that none of us saw or even felt at any other time on our drive except when the initial onset of the accident started as we floated across the freeway and couldn’t figure out why. I began to try to gain control but then we proceeded to fish tail. When I realized I wasn’t gaining control, I pressed on the brake that sent us into a spiral of rolling which we guesstimate was at least twice if not 3 or 4 times.
The people in the car were myself, my sister in law Yulia, my dear friend and babysitter Charlene, and her daughter Katrina and Mabel….my sweet little one. We were all wearing our seat belts but Katrina who was sitting in the middle seat. Everyone but myself suffered pretty severe cuts filled with glass and gravel. Luckily, Katrina being the only one needing stitches. 17 in total.
From my memory, it was the first or maybe second roll where I felt the crack in my shoulder. The seat belt did, in fact, save my life (what a blessing) but in the process broke my collar bone. Clean in half. Almost a compound fractor, according to my husband. You can see quite a bit of my clavicle trying to stretch through the skin…for a while, on the verge of maybe escaping through. But luckily, that has not happened yet and believe it not to be the case in the future at this point.
Mabel was ABSOLUTELY unscathed. Not a mark on her. She had been sleeping in her car seat when the accident began. As she begun to cry as the car stopped, she cried not a cry of pain or even fear but a cry of “I’m awake.” It was the MOST beautiful sound to all of our ears. Upon examination, she was left completely intact. Not a scratch. She was in her car seat, in the very back of the car with all of our loose items….boxes full of fruit, backpacks, etc. As debris flew in and outside of the car, not one item hit her and fell on her in anyway. MIRACLE!! I am still singing praises to all our healing angels and ancestors that helped to prevent any damage to my little one. THANK YOU AGAIN!!
I am healing quite well, I believe. We had a surgeon, very lightly, recommend surgery but, for those of you who know me, I am doing my best to see if I can heal it myself. Lots and LOTS of raw foods, herbs, energy work, emotional processing, etc. We will be going back for another x-ray though in the next few days to see what progress we are making so….I will keep you posted.
Physically, I am no longer in absolute pain all the time. That did subside within the first 24 to 48 hours. Especially after I fasted a bit and started on a regime of BF&C. We are a week and a half out now and it still aches pretty much all the time but I have learned how to emotionally and physically deal with the discomfort. At our workshop, Elena taught us to spiral with the pain in labor to help move the energy. I decided to try this and have found it to be PHENOMENALLY helpful. Just like labor, I am learning that any pain or discomfort can be moved into a space of deep teaching and understanding and, has been taught for woman in labor, can be turned into pleasure or even orgasm. I know it is just such a “far out there” thing to say but I’ll tell you I have found it to be true as I deal with this pain. 
I won’t go into detail now but believe me….the last month of my life has been the MOST learning and growth I think I have had in my ENTIRE life!! The workshop was TRANSFORMATIVE for all of us involved and the car accident was really just the icing on the cake. Please know….I am still in a space of really striving to understand and work through the car accident but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I recognize and have been inspired to take this opportunity and growth and run with it! I am doing my best to do just that.
I have gone into the abyss of myself and emotional pain that resides there, only to have that pain send me into the ecstasy of loving life to it’s fullest and realizing this is wisdom I could not learn any other way. The last couple of days have been a bit hard, once again, but am grateful for the understanding that has already taken place so I can hold out faith it will get better because of past experience.
I must say a very LOVING and HEARTFELT thank you…to all of you who have gone the extra mile with your thoughts and prayers you have sent my way. Also, those dear friends who have taken the time to make me so DELICIOUS raw foods. I am unable to make anything myself, even nurse my own baby without some holding her to my breast so…these small thoughtful acts have made a HUGE difference on this path to healing. My goodness, I love you all my dear BROTHER and SISTERS!
I will post again soon when I can. I am still in a very powerful place of healing and just have so much coming up for me every minute of everyday. Just trying to take it all in and accept my current situation to the best of my ability.
Abundant peace to all of you,
P.S. Notice from the pictures that all the windows have been broken out of the car but mine. Guaranteed without our seat belts on, Yulia and I would have been thrown from the car and suffered a fate I can only imagine. Thank you car manufactures! I thought I would NEVER be thanking them for that!!