Reducing Infant Mortality from Debby Takikawa on Vimeo.
I recieved this in my email from Elena at Birth Into Being. Here’s what she says. Please do what you can to save our babies!! Peace, Rachel
This is a free film. Please use it, show it, put it on your website, link to it, and most of all, send the link to policy makers. Send it to your State and National Senators and Representatives. Until the end of August, your representatives and senators are in their home offices. This is the perfect time to make an appointment to see your legislator and talk to them personally.
Can you imagine if 10 people from your district insist on having an appointment to talk about maternal/infant health care in the next 2 weeks? What if we continue on,. making appointments and showing up to talk to their aides after they return to Washington? What if they each have many copies of Reducing Infant Mortlaity on their desks, and showers of emails with letters about the rights and needs of infants and women and links to the film? I can imagine this. Can you? This is one way we can make a material difference.
Send it to your local Health Department. Send it to your local Hospital. Send it to your State Department of Health! (In Georgia, they requested a copy!) Link to it on Facebook and My Space! Post it on your favorite networking sites. It is open source which means you can use it any way you like as long as you don’t change it or delete the credits. We are counting on you to use this film to help your voice to be heard.
To embed or share the videogo to and search “Reducing Infant Mortality” The thumbnail of the film comes up. Click on it and it goes full size. Put your cursor on the video and look on the right upper corner of the video and you will see the icons for embed and share. Click the one you want and follow directions. For support if you have trouble, call me 805-688-9877.
Take your passion outside the box! Recruit people who don’t yet know that they care. Most important of all send it to the people who need to know that you care: your legislators.
The time has come for us to speak for our babies. The time has come for us to support pregnant and birthing women. The time has come to make the changes in our birthing policies that will allow women to safely give birth at the location of their choosing.The time has come to care enough to see to it that all women receive the knowledge, support and respect they need to have a healthy baby.The time has come for us to offer healthy choices to women and babies.The time has come for us to stop unnecessary suffering. This is something that we can do.
With gratitude
Debby Takikawa