I’m a big fan of sunbathing.  I always have been.  I believe the sun and the nutrients it provides the body are very needed.  Vitamin D specifically is a VERY needed nutrient for the human body.  Our main source of Vitamin D is from the sun.  But…..there are other ways you can get Vitamin D as well.  I’ll talk about that below.

First read the article below.  It discusses how having your baby certain months out of the year lowers their risk of MS.  As they researched it more, they realized that higher levels of Vitamin D in pregnancy help to prevent gene shifts toward MS tendencies.  

Month of Birth Impacts Immune System Development

“Newborn babies’ immune system development and levels of vitamin D have been found to vary according to their month of birth, according to new research.”

Because we live in a state where the sun isn’t always shining, I’ve found a Vitamin D3 supplement during pregnancy can help to thwart any potential Vit. D deficiency during pregnancy.  I’m also a fan of getting out in the sun in a nice bikini even when it’s cold outside but the sun is shining.  You actually get two wonderful things happening by your doing that.  First, your, of course, getting the Vitamin D from the sun.  And second, your immune system is getting stronger by the cold against your skin and body.  In fact, in Russia, pregnancy women will swim in freezing cold water to boost and build their immune system for themselves and their babies.  Watch the video below…..

For the Vitamin D supplement that I think is the best on the market……Click on the “img” below the image to understand more about Vitamin D and it’s AMAZING health benefits.  

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