Crunchy Pea Casserole & Sweet Corn Lettuce Wraps
Information for the class below!

When: Tuesday, April 16th 
Where: Pleasant Grove
Time: 7 pm
Cost: $10

PLEASE RSVP if you are interested in attending.  I make copies for my classes and want to make sure I have enough to hand out! You can email me at  🙂

In this class you will learn:
  • How to make 2 raw dishes that can feed the whole family!
  • The benefits of raw foods and why more raw foods creates increased health and happiness in your LIFE!
  • Why spending money on your health INSTEAD of your disease just makes logical sense.
  • Learn how easy and EXTREMELY tasty raw foods can be to make.
  • Understand more about each ingredient in what I make and why your body desperately needs them for nourishment and healing.  
  • Come to taste everything I make so you can try it for yourself before you go home to make it.  🙂
  • Learn how to make a SCRUMPTIOUS raw sour cream along with the pea casserole and corn lettuce wraps.  
  • I will have my Smokey Spicy Seeds, Chocolate Nut Bars, Kale Krunchers, Sweet Nut Brittle for sale the night of the class.  Look for upcoming emails about the DELICIOUS food I will now be selling.   
Please come with ANY questions!  Below is my bio for those who may not know me.  I have been in the nutritional/herbal world for 14 years now and am always EXCITED to help others on their path to health and wholeness.

In Peace,

*I am a homebirth midwife, an herbal practitioner, a raw foods educator, emotional healing facilitator & placenta encapsulator. I have received training in many healing modalities. In 2000, I became certified as a Nutritional Herbologist and soon thereafter began teaching classes on nutrition where I taught such subjects as whole foods, raw foods, vegetarianism, veganism, cleansing, supplementation and overall physical and emotional health and well being. I also teach an INSPIRING childbirth course called “LivingMom Childbirth Education Courses.” I have since spent the last 14 years researching and educating myself in many matters relating to all forms of alternative therapies. I have worked with many people to help them facilitate their own personal healing and progression. Nine years ago, I was introduced to Native American healing & spirituality . In 2007, I studied with James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney who, soon thereafter, gifted me as a water pourer and medicine women. In 2009, I spent 18 months studying with & have been gifted as a pipe carrier by Richard “He Who Has the Foundations” Swallow, Spiritual Leader of the Eagle Clan of the Lakota Sioux . I have been married to my LOVING husband for 17 years and together we have 5 BEAUTIFUL children, all born at home. I, along with my husband, still participate regularly in Native American teachings & ceremonies.*