Ok, here is the email I received last night from a friend. She is SO sweet and always emailing me to let me know what she thinks of my recent post. I really LOVE it when people email me and let me know some inspiring thoughts about what I post. But…I wanted to just share this because I will be posting more and thought others might be interested in some of the emails I receive in regards to my blog.


I have really missed your blogs – I keep checking every few days and they always lift me when you post. I can understand how it would be hard to come up with things you think are of interest. I enjoyed your thoughts on the conference talk. I also just enjoy hearing about your life and how you work through your struggles and what you eat each day – those things are interesting to me. For me, you don’t always have to have a subject to talk on – I just enjoy knowing how your doing and what your doing and the struggles you face each day. Helps me get through some of min.

Thank you so much for taking your time to write.

After reading this, I decided I would try to be more diligent in my posting. Thanks Torey for prodding me forward and keeping me on track.

Since she stated she would like to know of my daily struggles, here is one. About a week ago I got a yeast infection. Before starting raw foods, I had SEVERE candida issues and even after eating raw they have come and gone. They became much more manageable after my diet change but still not fully under control like I would like it to be. Of course, until recently, I had no idea they were probably emotionally based. As I look back at times of when and where I was in my life when I got one, it was ALWAYS a stressful, overwhelming time. It was always a time when I felt extremely anger and resentful of my present moment in life. I would be feeling unsupported and unloved.

There is an EXCELLENT book that I read years ago but decided to pull out and look at after the return of another infection. It is called “You Can Heal Your Life.” I LOVE Louise Hay. She was one of the first to discuss the idea of “thoughts as things.” She even has put together a Internet radio station that has TONS and TONS of AMAZING and INSPIRING talks and discussion by people who have learned from life and are now helping to motivate and teach others.

Anywho, I was flipping through her book and wondering what yeast infections meant emotionally and what do you know, feeling unsupported! Big shocker for me, eh? So……I was thinking about this. I was thinking that I don’t consciously feel unsupported or that I am not taking time for myself. Then I started praying that if this was really true for me, which I was already believing it must be from past experience, then it must be true now. And sure enough, through God’s grace and love, I started to recognize my anger and resentment toward myself and my husband and oh….pretty much everyone. It is SUCH a WONDERFUL thing to be able to pray for answers and then GET THEM. It was interesting the way the answer came. It came in a way where instead of the Lord telling me what I wasn’t seeing, I all of a sudden started seeing what I hadn’t been before. I started noticing my feelings that I normally ignore and act like aren’t there but then over time just fester until one day I have a total EXPLOSIONS.

The yeast infection is kind of a blessing and a hardship, as most learning experiences are. I realized that this time I didn’t blow but I created self sabotaging behavior and attacked myself instead of attacking others. I tend to go back and forth with this behavior. This is another thing I am trying to work on. Really, as soon as I something is open to me to notice whether it be physical or emotional, that I will IMMEDIATELY take it to the Lord and ask for help and understanding. Then use the atonement to help me move through the pain I really don’t need to carry.

I have been doing my emotional and spiritual work and it has helped A LOT with the infection but I also decided to try some herbal remedies that have ALWAYS worked. They are powerful and very effective. It is the Garden’s of Life “Fungal Defense.” To be honest, I LOVE Garden of Life’s products more than most. With all of my bowel issues, when I am in a pickle or just feel the need to take something, I usually turn to their products along with my powdered green drink.

The products have worked WONDERS and I am feeling MUCH better. I feel so blessed that Mother Earth, through our Creator, has provided so MUCH abundance to aid us in staying healthy and strong. I am VERY grateful for herbs and plants that help our bodies help themselves. Such a AMAZING gift!!!

What have I been eating? Hmmmm, well, my diet consists of about 90% raw foods. I am still LOVING some of the cooked foods I am eating. I think from a physical stand point, one of the reasons for the yeast infection was the HIGH fat foods I had been eating. They were still considered VERY healthy but TONS more fat than I have been used to so I have cut WAY down on my fat intake. I went off all fats for a week as soon as the infection begun. I am now eating some fats but keeping it at smaller amounts for what I am used too.

Since I am going to be posting more, I will start posting what I have been eating again. It is still hard for me to post it since it is not all raw. I tend to feel that I might be judged by some of the more local hard core raw foodists but I will have to learn to get over that, I guess. I am sure I am still judging myself harshly because I am an idealist and I feel I am letting myself down in some way. OH brother!! What a great opportunity to get over it!!

October 24th I ate:
2 heaping tbsp. green powder and Vit. C mixed in OJ
2 quarts green drink
Lots of grapes
5 rounds of garlic and herb polenta mixed with lots of salad greens and salsa YUMMY!!
4-5 small pieces of grilled sliced potatoes
Tons of steamed green beans with salt and nutritional yeast

I think that is it for today. I hope everyone is well and will check back more often.

Abundant peace,

P.S. I hope everyone knows that when I talk about supplements on my blog, I am NOT trying to sell anything. I just thought it might be helpful and interesting to others to know what has worked for me. I get NOTHING by stating what supplements I use. Just thought I would add that.