Since I have been so excited about posting videos, I decided to post another one. I really like this one and it is only a minute long. It is showing the normal process of delivery. Imagine going though this process in only one minute. Talk about painful!!!

I just think it’s really cool how they showed all the correct movements of the baby and the restitution and so forth. I showed this to my kids one day for home school and they really enjoyed it. I decided to show it to them because Golden had been asking how exactly babies are made. I was really grateful for all my anatomy and physiology books to be able to show, I guess it was only Dean and Golden, some of the things that take place when babies are made. Some of the information was a bit too much for them but we stopped when they decided they didn’t want to hear anymore. It enjoyed teaching them about this since, of course, it’s one of my favorite subjects.

I am excited about posting another video too. It is EDUCATIONAL along with being BEAUTIFUL. It looks like it was put together by an midwife in Oregon. It might have some scenes that are too graphic for some of you. It is only a montage of pictures but….it does show woman and babies during and after birth. I really LIKE this one. I hope everyone else does too!!

Ummm……I am just going to throw it out there. I ate EGGS. Can you believe it? I actually can’t. Yesterday morning Chris came up stairs with an omelet he had made for himself. I wanted to eat some SO BAD!! I don’t know if any of you can relate but when I am pregnant and feel so nauseated, I sometimes obsess about eating something because it is the ONLY thing that sounds good.

I went to whole day without eating any until last night I couldn’t stand it anymore. We went over to a friend’s house for a get together and she was making pasta and foods I don’t eat so….she asked me what I wanted. She had actually already made a salad for me but it sounded and even looked so DISGUSTING to me. (I know Shauna isn’t be offended, she understood so I hope others don’t think I am being rude.) Then, like an out of body experience, when she asked I said, “I am REALLY craving eggs but I want the yolk really runny and I want to dip whole wheat toast in it.” She went ahead and poached me 4 eggs and I ate EVERY ONE with 2 pieces of organic whole wheat toast. I must admit, it was DELICIOUS!! I ate it VERY slow and savored every bite.

I was worried that eating it might make me sicker. Yesterday was the WORST day I have had yet. I was SO sick the whole day and basically laid in bed the whole day. The only reason I ended up going out is because I was going stir crazy with cabin fever. I knew that I could sit around or lay around, if need be, at Shauna’s house. But…..I actually feel better today, so far, than I did yesterday. I am SOOOOO grateful for that. Like I said in my last post, I don’t think there is any rhyme or reason to my nausea. One thing I have noticed is when I feel angrier or more stressed than normal, I feel a lot sicker. If I had anything to kind of peg it on, I think it would be MUCH more emotional or energetic than anything else.

I thought I would post some thoughts about eggs that Gandhi wrote in one of his writings. I find it interesting. For you strong raw foodist out there, I am not posting this because I even believe it to be true. What I do believe to be true about the story is that there is a TIME and a PLACE for everything that might be beneficial and helpful to us on our path to health and healing. Do I think I was craving the eggs because my body and baby needed them? I don’t know and to be honest, I don’t really care. For whatever reason, I wanted eggs and whether emotionally or physically they helped me for the time being. I hope that makes sense to others and we can all open our hearts and minds to remove judgement to be open to any healing modality that might aid in helping us achieve our hearts desire.

Here is what Gandhi has to say. Someone is asking him a question about what he feels about eggs in the vegetarian diet. Here is his response.

Eggs are a high-protein food; are they forbidden to satyagrahis?”

“Not unfertilized eggs.” The Mahatma laughed reminiscently. “For years I would not countenance their use; even now I personally do not eat them. One of my daughters-in-law was once dying of malnutrition; her doctor insisted on eggs. I would not agree, and advised him to give her some egg-substitute.

“‘Gandhiji,’ the doctor said, ‘unfertilized eggs contain no life sperm; no killing is involved.’

“I then gladly gave permission for my daughter-in-law to eat eggs; she was soon restored to health.”

I remember when I first came out the hospital weighing only 95 lbs. after my near death experience. Because I had bowel surgery and TONS of antibiotics, someone mentioned that might consider eating some raw goat yogurt. At the time, it was VERY hard for me to be open to it since I hadn’t eaten dairy in years. Chris was worried and asked me to try it. I did for about a month and to be honest, I am grateful that I did. I believe it did help in my healing process. Here are some thoughts on dairy from Gandhi. Again, I believe in an all raw vegan diet, I am just throwing some ideas out there to help us really think about the choices we are making and staying open so we can either help ourselves or maybe even someone else who might need it. I am learning that in life, there are VERY FEW absolutes and that even includes what we eat.

“I have always been favour of pure vegetarian diet. But experience has taught me that in order to be perfectly fit, vegetarian diet must include milk and milk-products such as curd, butter, ghee, etc. This a significant departure from my original idea. I excluded milk from my diet for six years. At that time, I felt none the worse for the denial. But in year 1917, as a result of my ignorance, I was laid down with severe dysentery. I was reduced to a skeleton, but I stubbornly refused to take any medicine and with equal stubbornness refused to take milk or buttermilk. But I could not build up my body and pick up sufficient strength to leave the bed. I had taken a vow of not taking milk. A medical friend suggested that at the time of taking a vow, I could have in my mind only the milk of cow and buffalo; why would the vow prevent me from taking goat’s milk? My wife supported him and I yielded. Really speaking, for one who has given up milk, though at the time of taking the vow only the cow and the buffalo were in mind, milk should be taboo. All animal milks have practically the same composition, though the proportion of the components varies in each case. So I may be said to have kept merely the letter, not the spirit, of the vow. But that as it may, goat’s milk was produced immediately and I drank it. It seemed to bring me new life. I picked up rapidly and was soon able to leave the bed. On account of this and several similar experiences, I have been forced to admit the necessity of adding milk to the strict vegetarian diet. But I am convinced that in the vast vegetable kingdom there must be some kind, which, while supplying those necessary substances which we derive from milk and meat, is free from their drawbacks, ethical and other.”

Please understand that by posting these ideas on my blog, I am not promoting eggs or dairy products. I am only hoping, as I have already stated, that we can all keep an open mind and help others or maybe even ourselves, if need be.

Here is my diet over the last couple of days.

Friday, November 9th:
1-2 quart of water
1 cup OJ with powdered greens
2 cups red raspberry/peppermint tea
3 grapefruits
2 quarts green drink
2 bananas
2 Big bowlfuls of salad from Olive Garden
1 cup water with powdered greens

What I do when I go to Olive Garden is I ask for the all you can eat salad but then I have them tweak it a bit. I ask them to change to lettuce to all romaine, no croutons or onions, extra olives and tomatoes. It is SO YUMMY!!

Saturday, November 10th:
1-2 quart of water
1 cup OJ mixed with powdered greens
2 bananas
2 quarts green drink
1 1/2 quarts green soup
4 eggs with 2 pieces whole wheat toast
1 apple
1 cup water mixed with powdered greens

I don’t think I will be eating anymore eggs any time soon though. I have found that when I eat something once, I usually don’t want it again for awhile. That kind of sucks since I am used to eating so many of the same things every day. Oh well.

Until next time.
Abundant peace to all,