I have several women attend my LivingMom childbirth course who are planning a hospital birth.  I felt the video below was EXCELLENT in helping to explain what can take place in a hospital setting and how to truly go about getting what you want. 
When you watch the video above, please know this is coming from a home birth midwife’s perspective and that I am VERY passionate about the emotional/psychological part of birth for babies and moms.  I believe a women should birth where she feels the safest and if the hospital is it, then by all means, PLEASE have your baby there.  BUT….I am also in LOVE with natural childbirth and find that natural childbirth and hospitals tend to not always go hand in hand.  
Being prepared in EVERY way for your hospital birth experience is VITAL (which I happen to say A LOT in this video) for you to have an ECSTATIC birth.  A orgasmic, blissful birth experience is every women’s birth right and the more prepared you are, especially when it comes to illogical hospital protocols, routines, procedures, is your BEST bet to ensuresure that happens.
Its been so FUN for me to write my blog everyday and am grateful to all of you who come regularly to see what I have to say.  It may not be much but it means the WORLD to me that someone wants to listen.  THANK YOU!  
In Peace,
P.S. What to Expect When Your Expecting is not written by a doctor.  The forward is though and I did mistake the writer for being a doctor because of that.  I apologize for the discrepancy on my part.