Preparation for pregnancy isn’t really discussed much in our world.  Unfortunately,  its something that seems to be seen as even unnecessary.  The fact that we aren’t cleaning internal house and releasing unwanted and unneeded fears and phobias, does make a HUGE impact your fetus.

Your babies body, their tissues, bones, organs….etc….their WHOLE system is entirely made up by YOUR system and what is available to be passed onto your child.  You pass onto your child the exact same weaknesses and strengths you carry in EVERY regard….physically, emotionally and psychologically.  The physical weaknesses that we carry we hold in our DNA and that DNA imprint is what becomes instilled and implanted into your babies entire body and brain structure and make up.

How you are eating and how you are living…in EVERY way effect the creation of your future child.  I promote a raw foods diet only because I’ve seen the changes its made in my life and in my pregnancies.  My 1st three pregnancies I ate the standard American diet and found many problems from excessive weight gain to preeclampsia to severe edema and heart burn.  For whatever reason, we took those things in the “normal” box for pregnancy and they are anything BUT normal.  We’ve been accepting pregnancy fully as something it just is not! 

We have passed along this completely false idea that pregnancy is no fun….its NEVER fun….and we’re just grinning and bearing it.  As women, we are just drudging along waiting for the day when we can finally get our baby out and be done with it.

The AMAZING women that I get the opportunity to work with don’t seem to have ANY of these complaints.  A perfect example is the my twin Mom who just recently delivered.  Not ONCE did she come to a prenatal and complain of any physical discomforts that were just unbearable.  I must admit I was surprised myself at how excellent she felt and how much energy she still had even days before delivery.  Remember the day BEFORE she delivered, she was doing Bikram’s Yoga.

When you choose to take full responsibility of your conception, pregnancy and birth, you tend to feel GREAT in your pregnancy!  You find immense JOY in the sensations and feelings that come along with being pregnant.  Plus, you have more energy, you look  and feel gorgeous and abundant in every way possible AND you build a DEEP connection with their unborn child that is like none other.  These are just a few examples of how different pregnancy and birth can be when your choice is to find BLISS throughout the WHOLE experience.

Now my clients don’t have phenomenal pregnancies because of anything I do.   The wonderful women I work with choose to take responsibility for themselves, their unborn child and the environment they are creating for both of them.  Cleansing and rebuilding the body BEFORE pregnancy can make a big difference on how your feel DURING that pregnancy.

With my last 2 children, I think I finally got it right for me and what I was looking for in my pregnancies.  Before each pregnancy, I cleansed in a variety of ways.  I took herbs that work specifically with my reproductive organs to feed and nourish them and prepare them for a new arrival, along with purifying all my internal organs.  I took herbs and ate specific foods to help balance my hormones so getting pregnant become a simple and easy task.  The combination of cleansing and the use of herbs only increased my fertility.


I also did many green smoothie or juice fasts to really open up my cells and help them release any and all toxicity that could be passed onto my baby.   I start the cleansing process about 6+ months BEFORE we tried to get pregnant.

Once I felt done cleansing, I spent a good couple months or more rebuilding by eating LOTS of greens (which I currently still do) and getting my body nice and alkaline.  Plus, getting lots of sea vegetables and high mineral plant based foods helped my body feel strong and deeply  nourished.

My last pregnancy with Mabel was, by far, my BEST pregnancy.  I had spent years cleansing and rebuilding and getting myself deeply prepared.  Funny thing is….I wasn’t trying to get pregnant.  She was our “SURPRISE.”  A most WONDERFUL surprise!  But because I had taken such good care of myself since my last son’s arrival 6 years prior, that pregnancy contained the most FUN and EXCITING adventures, along with TRANQUIL and ECSTATIC experiences I’ve ever had.

Watch the videos below and let me know what you think.  Feel free to comment with questions or email me personally if you’d like more details on my personal diet and cleansing regimes. The second video just shows personal experience with a raw food diet.  Listen all the way to the end of the 2nd video because he discusses other aspects of pregnancy that are just as important as what you are eating.

I wholly believe a raw foods diet can be uplifting and very revitalizing during pregnancy.  The benefits of raw foods are vast and even if your whole diet isn’t all raw foods, incorporating more raw foods can change your pregnancy in dramatic ways.

I gotta give props to the Moms who are brave enough to come and work with me and ask me to be their midwife.  It is not a small feat.  I ask quite a bit of my Moms and the reason I do is because the MORE responsibility a women takes to care for herself and her unborn child, the better outcomes and thwarting of complications in pregnancy and birth.

I ask my Moms to consume, at least, 50% of their diet  as raw foods.  For many women during pregnancy, this can feel like climbing Mt. Everest.  My personal experience and the experiences I’ve had with my pregnant friends and clients, only tells me the MORE raw foods you can eat, the better you’ll feel, the better you’ll look, the better pregnancy you’ll have, the healthier you’ll feel, the healthier and stronger your baby will be, the HAPPIER and JOYOUS overall the whole pregnancy and birth will be.  I make you that promise! 

I believe preparation for pregnancy is KEY to the creation of the type of pregnancy you are looking for.  Health for you and health for baby can only come through eating HIGH nutrient foods,  exercise and personal meditation.  If I hadn’t learned it for myself, I would of never believed pregnancy and birth could be a HIGH you never want to come down from!

Sometime in the next few days, I will post about the supplements I recommend before and during pregnancy.   I only recommend the BEST!  🙂

In Peace,