WOW! How AWESOME is this quote? Boy, did I need it this morning! After the Thanksgiving hustle and bustle, I just was and am so INSPIRED by this quote.

“The time of business does not with me differ from the time of prayer, and in the noise and clatter of my kitchen, while several persons are at the same time calling for different things, I possess God in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the blessed sacrament.”
~Brother Lawrence
The Practice of the Presence of God
I just REALLY LOVE this quote. It just so HIT home for me. I have always thought about how I can really get into a space of peace and acceptance when so much CHAOS is constantly and consistently around me. We do live in a world that is so BUSY and GOING all the time that I have truly prayed about getting into that space where I can keep a prayer always in my heart. And I have only wondered that because I know how desperately I need it!

All this quote is telling me is that it’s only about my perception. I can believe this quote to be the truth and then pray to have it realized and choose to see my world through that belief. I feel SO HAPPY about that. I’m gonna do it! In the process, I am sure because I am making this intention….I will first need to see what lies are holding me back from truly applying and believing this. YEAH! Here we go! Let all work on this together. Wanna? Then we can help each other move toward this PEACEFUL point of tranquility in each of our lives, no matter where we are or what is taking place. Ok….so to switch gears….
HERE is a VERY interesting video about a group of woman sharing their breastmilk with each other. Of course, as you already know I’m sure, I think this is a BEAUTIFUL idea and one which has been around MUCH longer than the concept of formula or bottle feeding. I remember my husband’s grandmother telling me stories of nursing her sisters baby for a year, along with her own. It was interesting to hear her tell it because, aside from the fact I had heard it several times, each time she told her she could comment at the end that she always felt VERY close to her niece. They had a bond she didn’t have with any other of her nieces and nephews. I think that is SO SWEET!

Just a couple of my observations. I’m not understanding why this idea seems so new or foreign to people. Or that it seems strange or even disgusting. Read a few history books in regards to pregnancy or childbirth and you will see this is a practice that has been around for eons of time now. Remember “wet nurses?” They were around as early as 50 years ago. When I was hospitalized 7 years ago, my dear Millie was 4 months old. I was SO GRATEFUL for all my dear sisters and friends who breastfed her and donated breastmilk to me. I remember shedding tears over it. It was SO TOUCHING to me that other woman could and WOULD, even wanted to, love my lovely baby so much that they would share their life giving nutrition with her. What a blessing it was!

Another thought….so the doctor who states that we really shouldn’t be passing breastmilk to each other because of all the bacteria. Are you kidding me? When are we going to come to the realization that LIFE is FULL of BACTERIA! People, it’s all around us all the time. We can scrub, clean or disinfect a surface or item as much as you like but…I can promise you that as soon as any human contact touches it, it’s contaminated again. I must admit here, I am MUCH MORE SCARED of chemicals than I am of bacteria. Chemicals are killing people left and right. Way more than bacteria is. Look at the number of hospital caused deaths each year. My personal belief is that is NOT bacteria killing people but all the CRAP we’re putting in their bodies really thinking it’s saving their lives. Some of it is saving their lives, I’m sure. But I think it’s gone WAY overboard!! There is NOT BALANCE! It’s all focused on the physical issues when in actuality we could change so much physically if we would look at our emotional worlds along with the physical.

The doctor then goes on to discuss how people can just purchase, for a mere $2200, enough breastmilk for their baby through the milk bank. Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And….she points out, the GREAT (note the sarcasm) thing about the process they use is that they pasteurize the milk before you get it so it is SUPPOSEDLY bacteria free. (This is the ULTIMATE lie we tell ourselves, isn’t it?) So…aside from the fact that now there is very little foreign or unwanted bacteria, (hahahahaha!) in the milk, we have also killed the majority of the nutrients and VERY beneficial enzymes. Guaranteed, we have also messed with the fat structures and who knows how our babies new little bodies will even deal with that? Seriously, I am laughing at this. Your going to pay THAT MUCH money for something that has been so deranged to the point that who knows how beneficial it really is anymore. I think you might as well use formula then. It’s cheaper, right? I have to say….I LOVED the woman’s comment at the end when she says something like….If it’s good enough for their babies, then it’s good enough for ours. LOVE IT! That was the BEST part of the whole video, I think. WAY TO GO, you breastmilk swapping woman. Keep up the AWESOME work. Your inspiring other woman to know they can do the same. I JUST LOVE IT!!

I know that I still haven’t posted my feelings about the last post. I’m holding off a bit. I’m not sure if I am going to even share. I wonder if I had said enough from the 2 previous posts. I think my ideas and feelings in regards to pregnancy and birth have been VERY obvious. The one part about the article that was GREAT for me was that it answered one of my questions from the previous posts. I stated that I wondered how often doctors made choices out of feared of being sued. The article stated, and I quote “By far, the biggest reason for the increase is doctors’ fear of being sued if something goes wrong during a vaginal birth. Need I say more.

COME ON, WOMAN! Let’s stand up for ourselves, our babies, our bodies and MOST IMPORTANTLY, each other. Let’s own our voices in a loving way and speak the truth in regards to vaginal births. Let’s show an example through our actions and our voices of what birth is and can be. Let’s teach woman they don’t have to be afraid of this or that. Let’s teach woman that fear is what has brought us to this point. We, of course, can give 10,000 other excuses as to why we may want a c-section instead of a vaginal birth but their merely excuses brought about by fear of the unknown.

I think I’ve said enough. Are you inspired? Ready to face the birthing world? I hope so! Most importantly, let’s all strive to be there for each other. To be a sounding board of support, love and strength…no matter what way a woman chooses to deliver. Let’s educate woman on all their options. Maybe….just maybe….they will feel their own strength and courage to be able to face within themselves what they didn’t want to face. I don’t know. I’m realizing that the more I think I learn, the less I really know. These are just my thoughts and opinions. So…don’t listen to me. Turn to your own hearts. They have all the answers you need to know what’s best for you and your LITTLE, TINY, INNOCENT, FULL OF LOVE, bundle of joy!!

Abundant peace to all,