Birth can be orgasmic just as making love. It can be intense. Raw. Opening. Engaging. Filled with emotion. Passion. Love. Anger. Fierceness. A whole range of emotions, feelings & sensations is part of the birthing experience. Those things MUST & NEED to be expressed for many women in order to succeed at the goal at hand. Bringing their sweet little one into their arms. But, as Sarah says, first things first.

The way all those sensations & emotions release, as they should, is by creating the proper set & setting. Creating the stage by which the childbirth process can come to complete fruition. That means: the LEAST amount of stimulation possible to the cortex brain.

The limbic brain births our babies. Keeping the cortex brain quiet consists of: low lights, very quiet to no talking, candle light, peaceable space, less people. Think about it. Who do you invite in the bedroom while making love? You’re searching for that same environment in striving to create the ideal birth experience for yourself & your baby.

Consider all of these factors when delving into what you want your birth experience to look like and how you want to create that.  It’s probably the most important factor in giving birth.  The recognition that the environment, how and where you give birth, gives the largest credence to what exactly plays out and how it does so.

In Peace,