Just another small example of how simple birth TRULY is!  Notice the husband gently massaging her back.  I think what I LOVE most about this video is how UNAFRAID he seems to be.  He seems to be completely at PEACE!  There is no tension in his voice.  No stress shown in his body language.  In fact, it feels as if it is quite the opposite.  He’s telling her to relax with a very gentle and serene voice.

This is birth!  Birth is a normal, natural bodily function that women’s bodies are performing EVERY DAY around the world.  As I stated in my post…Fear-The Thief of Birth….the stories that we tell and what we believe about birth FULLY integrate itself in our psyche.  Our own birth experience tells the FULL picture of how we will feel about birth.  How open, receptive and responsive we are to our own intuition and knowing.  Or the opposite….how afraid, tense, and contracted we feel about pregnancy and birth.

HERE is a link to an EXCELLENT video where Joseph Chilton Pearce (whom I adore ALL of his work) is discussing fetal life and evolutionary effects that have shifted pregnancy and birth to where we are today.  Joseph believes the vast majority of babies being born today are born in a constricted manner.  The actual brain structure is smaller which means these babies are being born with brain structures set in survival mode instead of expansion, enlightenment and open hearts and minds!

The FEAR that is present in the mother’s psyche and in her system can potentially forever effect the later life choices her infant will make.  How he feels about himself, how he see others around him…can he trust them,  what food choices he will make (yes, what we eat also has a HUGE effect on the dietary choices of your child later in life), his ability or inability to let love in and give love freely.

All because his limbic imprint is one where the “fight or flight” hormones present throughout pregnancy/birth define how this infant will see his world.  His DNA decides what mechanisms in his system are MOST important solely for his survival instead of his setting the stage where his reality is one of serenity, tranquility and unconditional LOVE!

The baby in the video above was born into a space of calm and serenity.  This DOES effect how he views his world.  What his perceptions are of the people around him.  His birth imprints in him his beliefs about the world and how to view it.

Imagine if all of us were born into a space where we heard and felt our father caressing and holding our mothers in a sacred space during labor.  If our mothers were instinctively listening to us and their own bodies to understand how to birth us and how we wanted to be born.

Imagine if the first hands to touch us were those of our mother and father.  If the first voice we heard was theirs with comforting and soothing words to welcome us into this new dimension.  Imagine if no one withdrew us from our parents immediately after birth.  If we got to feel only warm, soft skin and suckle to our hearts delight.  Imagine if that was the view we had of the world.  That we would be cared for, unconditionally loved, if all our needs and wants were met immediately.

Being born bathed in OXYTOCIN…the hormone of love and having its presence STRONGLY imbedded in our systems and that of our parents can make ALL the difference in our birth experience.  Oxytocin bonds and CONNECTS us to each other and is at its HIGHEST levels right AFTER the birth of a baby.

A baby born in the description above would only feel his world is full of support, giving, caring, kindness, ecstasy, and PEACE! His held beliefs of the world would then extend OUTWARD in his actions toward himself and others.  His self esteem would be high and his love for human kind would be shown as he grows in the choices he makes and the way he chooses to treat others.  Imagine a world FULL of people who hold these ideals, beliefs and thinking patterns!  Our world would be a VERY different place indeed. 

Babies being born now are connected deeply with the ideals, beliefs and thought patterns of their parents.  The majority of people I know carry the reality of a dog eat dog world where there are many, many things to fear and even more people not to trust.

We carry these beliefs because it is the way our parents believed.  Or at our birth, the trauma we felt, instilled itself into our limbic brain only to rear its ugly head throughout the rest of our lives merely striving to get released and healed.  Only after to understand what true LOVE is and reestablish the new reality of a world where people can be trusted and each and everyone of us is doing our BEST and longs for WORLD PEACE!

Even though the video with Joseph Chilton Pearce is 2 hours long, I recommend you take the time to watch it.  What he teaches, I believe, can truly change human kind.  What he teaches, if we all learn how to apply, can potentially shift the ways our infant/babies learn, grow and succeed with love in this world.  I deeply believe that only by our releasing our own negative thought patterns about the world we live in and our reality can we then see the shift in our children.

Children disorders of ALL kinds are at the HIGHEST they ever been.  Suicide is at the highest between the ages of 7-19.  Why in the world would our children be killing themselves?  What pain, heartache, and wounding are they carrying that creates the self loathing and low self esteem issues are children are having today?

It is our obligation to look only at OURSELVES to find the answers.  It is our obligation to make the needed changes to stimulate DNA shift and change in our unborn children. Our children are carrying our pain with the hopes they can help heal it. In the end, it is only causing suffering and more pain for humanity as a whole to deal with. Until we take responsibility, it will become difficult to create the JOY and PEACE in the world around us.  But especially within the hearts and souls of the future of humanity! 

Gandhi sure said it right….”Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Let us all strive to BE THE CHANGE we strive to see in our children…. with the hopes our changes only make a better world for the next generations to come!

In Peace,