My Dad sent me the first video below and I fell in LOVE with it.  I sat watching in AWE at the power of creation and its ability to spread itself in every way among every living thing.  After watching the 1st video below, I decided I wanted to find a COOL video showing the pollination that takes place with humans and how we forward the creation of our species. 

Both forms of creation whether through conception or pollination are PHENOMENAL feats… that give us each a sense of oneness and awareness with the world around us.  Creation, whether its a new life or a new song or a new poem, instills in each of us a sense of reverence of the mysterious….the unknown.

Creation is a process that, I believe, can and will never be fully understood.  We may know volumes about the creation of human life but the information we are currently holding is merely a drop in the bucket of what is really taking place.  In our world of constant guarantees, creation brings with it….when we want to see its affects in our lives, the eyes of a child and a sense of faith that can feel hard to hold on to. 

Creation teaches us that there truly is something VASTLY greater than the rest of us.  That there is a DIVINE something, call it what name you want it give it, that defines itself into EVERY THING on our planet.   Creation imbues our hearts and souls with a true sense of expansion and enlightenment.  Creation brings with it a level of JOY and BLISS that can be found in no other endeavor.  Creation is WHAT we are.  Creation created us.  What a POWERFUL gift creation is!

As each of you ponder, relax and enjoy your weekend break, I hope that you’ll take time to be outdoors and connect with Creation, Mother Earth and God. Also, connect with Creation by taking more time to spend with your children….your FINEST creations yet.  To connect with your spouse, partner, soul mate…etc.  To open yourself to feeling a grand sense of ONENESS with all other living things around you. So as…. To connect, to play, to LOVE!

I pray each and every one of our hearts will be opened to the gift Creation brings and strive for a deeper understanding and connection within ourselves and with each other.  When we truly gain a longing for the mysterious and desire to live in it, creation manifests in ways beyond our comprehension.  When each and every baby is born, the world will never be the same place again.  Now that’s the POWER of Creation.

In Peace,

P.S. As you watch the first video, watch around 2:40 for the infant bat clinging tightly to its mother while its mother is helping to pollinate and pass new plant life to beautify our world.  Its BREATHTAKING… Also….

P.P.S. As you watch the second video, watch around 3:30 as the sperm releases its tail and cell growth begins.  I find it fascinating that the sperm vigorously searches for the egg and once its found….it releases its tail and surrenders to the experience.  I can’t think of a better way to define ANY creation in a lives than with this analogy.   To create is to work vigorously in deciding what your wanting and needing to create, then once the answers come….to sit back and surrender to the experience letting the universe put it all together for you.