So right now, I have been studying the book “The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga” by Goswani Kriyananda. I consider this one of my “core”books. I try to read out of it everyday. It has helped me gain so much insight into myself and personal changes I am wanting to make. I use it to meditate and establish the Yoga positions that best help me. I would recommend this book to EVERYONE and will probably be quoting out of it quite often.

This particular entry I am posting because this is something that I see that needs understanding and light, THE MOST right now. This is the practice of non-violence in ALL forms. I am also reading another book called “Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall B. Rosenberg. Imagine the change we could all make in the world if we all used the language of LOVE when we spoke. This is the world I am creating for myself and family. I hope we all have the desire to do the same.

“As you master intellectual non-violence, non-violence speech becomes perfected. Verbal violence manifests itself in various ways, such as:
1. Abusive words
2. Insulting statements
3. Angry speech
4. Bad Advice

Needless to say, verbal non-violence arises by acquiring the verbal habits of:
1. Speaking softly
2. Speaking gently
3. Speaking wisely

Non-violence is to be observed on all levels, not just the physical level with which most people identify it. There is a saying in the Mahabharata: A wound caused by an arrow or axe heals swiftly, but a wound caused by violent speech heals very slowly. In becoming established in non-violence, it is important to understand, intellectuality and spiritually, that Spirit that pervades your life is the Spirit that pervades all life. The dignity of your being is the dignity of soul. The spirit is the same in each and every living form. We should come to understand that the spirit in a bacterium is not small, and the spirit in an elephant is not large.”